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Cake Story

What is better: butter cream or whipped fresh cream?

by The Place Store 28 Oct 2023

Both pastry chefs and amateur bakers have debated the merits of butter cream and fresh whipped cream for years. Both have unique textures, flavors, and abilities in the dessert world. Which one is the best? We'll examine each one in detail and determine which one is best for different baking adventures.


A slice of cake adorned with intricate butter cream decorations, demonstrating the thick and creamy consistency of butter cream.


1. Texture and Consistency

  • Butter Cream is thick, creamy and holds its form well. It's because of its consistency that it is the most popular choice for cake decoration, especially intricate designs. Butter cream's thickness ensures your designs will not melt and stay in place.

  • Whipped Cream is light, airy and fluffy. It has a lighter texture, which makes it ideal for topping desserts such as fruit tarts and mousses.


2. Flavor Profile

  • Butter Creme: As the name implies, butter cream is made primarily from butter. It has a rich flavor, with a hint sweetness. Additions such as chocolate, vanilla or fruit can enhance its flavor.

  • Fresh Whipped Cream This cream is about subtlety. The cream is mildly sweet and has a dairy flavor. Its mild flavor compliments and does not overpower desserts that have strong flavors like chocolate cake or lemon pie.


3. Versatility

  • Butter Cream is a versatile medium. Butter cream is not only used for cake decoration, but can also be used to fill pastries, cookies and donuts. Its stable nature allows it to be infused in various flavors and colours.

  • Fresh Whipped Cream: Whipped fresh cream is typically used as a garnish. It can be folded into desserts for a lighter, airier texture. You can use it in mousses, trifles and certain types of cheesecakes.


4. Nutritional Aspect

  • Butter Cream - Due to its buttery base it is higher in calories and fat. You may want to use it in moderation if you are watching your weight.

  • Fresh Whipped Cream is lighter than butter cream, but still contains dairy products. It's a little healthier than buttercream, but moderation is still important.


A bowl of light and fluffy whipped fresh cream with a whisk. The wooden countertop and the nearby vanilla pods and sugar sprinkles accentuate the setting.


The dessert you are making and your own personal preferences will determine which cream to use. Butter cream is a great choice if you're looking for a creamy, rich texture that can be used to decorate. Whipped fresh cream is the best option if you want something light and airy that's subtly sweet.


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